Yerba Maté

This morning I broke open my first-ever package of the tea-like infusion: yerba maté.  When I bought this at Asiatica in December, I had in mind that this drink was associated with Che Guevara – Cuban Revolutionary from Argentinian roots.  Why did I suspect this?  Because my Spanish teacher over at the community centre was always sipping from his tea thermos of maté, and a sideline of my Spanish teacher was performing Che Guevara monologues.  The maté was part of his Che Guevara thing.  Googled yerba maté and Che Guevara – yes, the two are connected.  Yerba maté is a common drink among Argentinians.

somewhat revolutionary (for me)

What is yerba maté?  These are the ingredients in my pouch:  yerba maté (the leaves from the bush?), goji berries, seabuckthorn, carrots, rosehips, natural flavour.  Infused, my maté smells mildly of turpentine but is pleasant to drink, somewhat revolutionary (for me) and might be assumed to have positive medicinal effects, at least as much as drinking liquids is generally a good thing, and maybe more.

I’m tempering the revolutionary nature of this drink this morning by having a slice of bread slathered with peanut butter and subsequently coated with strawberry freezer jam 2014.

That’s about my speed.  Now to the hills (going X-country skiing, not hiding out).

For immediate use

Yesterday’s shopping being put into use immediately:

At the art supply store, DeSerres, I considered many possible Apples of Goldcreative pursuits and then just bought A Really Useful Box™ that I put into use before our party guests arrived to tame the chaos which was our bottom shelf near the door where we put all manner of keys and chargers and my cell phone etc. AND I bought a two-pack of the smallest possible Moleskin notebook. 56 pages, the size of an oversize business card – my rational for its existence with me was that I would write verses that I encounter during my read-through-the-Bible year in it and when I have a spare moment – while the Zamboni makes its final rounds and I’m stuck standing blade to rubber waiting (for example) – I will redeem the moment with God’s Word.


In the Moleskin, I wrote my first ‘apples-of-gold-in-settings-of-silver’ scripture: Revelation 7:17. “For the Lamb on the throne will be their Shepherd. He will lead them to springs of life-giving water. And God will wipe every tear from their eyes.”

One of the women in Montreal Gospel Choir who accepted Carol’s invitation to come to our church on a baptism Sunday and subsequently put up her hand to indicate that she was a “brebis égaree” when our pastor preached about the shepherd and the lost sheep was at our party last night (for MGC). Each time I think of this verse – when I see it in the Moleskin – it will be a prayer for her spiritual well-being based on a promise. I’ll claim it for myself as well.

This morning I woke up and the sore throat which I hoped was from too much talking at last night’s party was accompanied by a stuffed up nose in need of Royale tissues and tea. I am sitting writing this blog, which interrupted my Bible-reading when I made the mistake of reading Revelation first instead of after Job, Amos and John. Once I tell you about the tea, then I can go back to God’s word. (After I feed you the trivial, I’ll feast on the eternal – read between my lines).

I think I’ve found a new tea supplier. Asiatica is only two blocks from my home and I went there yesterday for their wealth of teapots and other infusing devices, hoping to find the appropriate such thing to fill out a tea-gift that Carol needed for two someones. I like shopping, especially in downtown Montreal, Carol doesn’t. At Asiatica the owner served up his depth of knowledge on the teapots and subsequently on the teas that I asked about. The lemony smell and memories of Myrtos beach in Cephalonia (and Myrtiés in Kálymnos) led me to buy some myrtle tea, which is treating my cold right now. I really had no need of more tea as I already have up to a dozen varieties of loose teas and herbal infusions confined in various containers around the kitchen. It was the knowledgeable owner’s patiently explaining things of which I had only the beginnings of knowledge that lead me to buy his excellent product. Next time the line up at the psalm-writer’s tea store gets too long, I highly recommend Asiatica to you.

There’s more to say – like the fine 800 ml of myrtle tea that I got from 1 teaspoon (the instructions said 1-2 teaspoons would yield 1 litre) but this cold is driving me back to bed to complete sleep too soon interrupted.