Three: 17 Favourite Breakfasts Series

Breakfast at Prevost on Petit Train du Nord
Breakfast at Prevost on Petit Train du Nord

17 favourite breakfasts: #3 is a bran muffin, with a coffee, of course. Attentive eyes will notice at least two details in the photo. 1) The muffins look exactly like the type that Ted makes. They are. 2) The coffee mug says “bonheur” and it was nicely provided at the Prevost station on the Parc Linéaire Le P’tit Train du Nord. They also had muffins for sale and it almost broke my heart to say “non, merci” à la jeune fille qui ‘mindait le shoppe’ but I told her I had made my own muffins (last night).

Bonus note to all you single men: it is common knowledge that supermarkets are a great place to meet women. I would refine that to say that markets are even better. Earlier this week at the Atwater market, when I was pricing flats of strawberries it impressed the girl (from Hemmingford) greatly that the good looking cyclist before her made jam. I guess it says a lot…

Thinking back to when I was trying to get Carol’s attention, she will laugh and recount the time that we were at Paul’s place for Thanksgiving dinner and David and I were comparing notes on how to get the best apple pie crust for the apple pies that we both were making (very amateurishly). Since I got the girl I no longer make my own pie, but again, single men, if you are looking for a quality woman it might be exactly like shopping for apples or strawberries. Just make sure you’re the real goods first.

One two:17 favourite breakfasts series

In the summer of 2014, I began my 17 favourite breakfasts postings on Facebook.  I posted them 1-at-a-time as Facebook status updates.  I think this series (still on-going as of August 18, 2014) was the main impetus for starting this “Ted’s ideas on Food and more” blog.  I created material that is original and I think “yummy and nutritious” – why not post it on a blog so that it is easier to access with Permalinks and the like. This isn’t a list of breakfast recipes.  Some of them describe an environment where a breakfast was just perfect-for-me.  Others describe a regular routine that I’ve maintained most of my life – like sabbath-respecting favourite #5.  Feel free to post your comments on any of these “17 favourite breakfasts postings” or better yet, start your own breakfast postings and I’ll post the link to your show.

Some of the initial 17 favourite series are short (like Status updates ; ) ) so I’m listing one and two here together in this one post:

ONE:  My 17 favourite breakfasts list begins today with perhaps the simplest one: a crusty roll, the ones the Portuguese bakeries in my neighbourhood make, along with marmalade and a café allongé (make mine Nespresso). This breakfast inspired by a first “continental breakfastexperience when I was age 16 and my high school band traveled to West Germany and Austria.  Since then I have come to appreciate both coffee and the simplicity of marmalade on a bun.

TWO:   Second in the 17 favourite breakfast series: Ackee and saltfish. This is not one I’m going to fix up in my own kitchen. I miss my mother-in-law’s great breakfasts but if I am in Montego Bay, you can find me at the Pelican in the morning eating ackee and saltfish.