Bright view

 A bright view to light the cold, rainy days to come…

…for where there is light, beauty will rise from the earth. Spring-hope, summer-fruition, will come again.

I have seen this light, tasted the fruit, thus I believe. Blessed are those who have this bright view faith in midst of dark days.

Rien ne pourra plus jamais m’arrêter

Saturday night, Montreal Gospel Choir was on the way home from participating in the Leukemia and Lymphoma fundraiser / memorial called “Illumine la nuit” (Light the Night) and since we were on Île Notre Dame, most of us ended up on the Montreal-bound platform of Metro Jean Drapeau while 7 or 8 of our most enthusiastic choir members were headed to the South Shore on the platform opposite us.

I knew that something was going to happen (because it just does with this group) so I started up my iPhone camera and roamed the platform just as the choir spontaneously ignited into the brilliant French adaptation of Mary Mary’s “Shackles” that we know as “Rien Ne Pourra Plus Jamais M’Arrêter”. Jean Daniel Painson had already staked out a prime spot with his camera next to where Junior, Saryka, Perrine & Nancia (who sing the verses) were.

If this video goes viral, it would be a great thing just because it happened so spontaneously (no one did any planning to prepare this).  What must be said is that Jean Daniel does work like this with his camera all-the-time.  At Montreal Gospel Choir rehearsals, if it breathes, it’s captured by Jean Daniel.  He’s a guy who just consistently works his art.  Montreal Gospel Choir might be described as Jean Daniel’s muse as SO many artistic, beautiful things happen in this community called together with raison d’être “choir”. So Jean Daniel just keeps the camera rolling – le voila, a video posted on Facebook:

I’d really like to thank as well, Janick Labet and the group Real Touch who were the ones that did the French adaptation of Shackles and recorded it in a Paris metro station. Montreal Gospel Choir scours the world looking for new material – “on est branché partout”. Give us a rhythmic song like this and “how can we keep from singin'”!!  What a beautiful thing from a beautiful choir.

Creator in Cana

Above is a screen shot of just one (of four) scripture readings for me on October 7, 2015.  Sometimes I can get in the habit of treating the Bible as a book that preachers use to make their point. This reading snaps me out of that sort of unfortunate thinking.

A sceptic might say that the early church got together and insured their institution’s future by writing these gospels – accounts of Jesus’ life. But this doesn’t read like something approved by a committee.  The simpler, non-conspiracy theory explanation for these accounts of Jesus is that individuals who had been with Jesus wrote down what happened. That’s how I’m reading this.

Jesus’ mother obviously knew that she had much more than an exceptional child.  He’s now a man and she is more than proud, she’s experienced God’s favour to have a mother-son relationship with the creator of the universe.

Jesus, his mom and some of the disciples are at a wedding, kind of like I’m going to a wedding out of town this weekend. There will be real things, maybe something I could blog about, that will happen while I’m at Gabrielle and Christian’s wedding in Sherbrooke, just like there was eating and drinking and maybe some dancing at this wedding in Cana.

So I might use my talents and make a blog posting based on my experience this Saturday. John was at a wedding in Cana with the Creator and his mother. Definitely worth writing about. I once missed a funeral, because I was in Ottawa and the action was in Montreal, where the pall-bearers included a former American president and a Cuban dictator.  That happened. This wedding in Cana had much more, the Creator and his mother. That happened as well. They just don’t make this stuff up.

What does John write of what happened between the Creator, his mom and the various wedding people?  [Take time to read my screen shot above]

If I was looking for a creative twist for how to teach this story to my grade 2/3 Sunday school class (back in the day) I might decide that we were going to make wine.  I do have wine-making equipment stored in a closet somewhere and if I got some grape juice and a fermenting agent, well, we could pretend. My kids would not be wine connaisseurs, not like the master of the banquet and while I really think that Jesus might just show up (in spirit) in my Sunday School class it would be more to laugh in the background at my creative effort than to rock our worlds by transforming grape juice (me, of little faith) into wine in a half-an-hour’s time.  Most of the time God allows faith to grow normally through Sunday School teachers and other people who are simply good examples – he is the ultimate delegator that way.

But for Biblical occasions, the Creator gets “hands-on”.  Well, he doesn’t actually DO anything, he is just present and he gives orders.  “Fill the jars with water” and “draw some out and take it to the master of the banquet”. Everybody did as Jesus requested. Jesus humours his mother. Everyone’s blessed by the Creator.

The Creator is not limited by time and space anymore.  Greater things than these…to those who believe.