Halloween at Aunt Normas

Scarey woo!

Tonight I was prepared for the kids with a box, no, let’s call it a case of Chiclets. The last time I had a kid show up at my door on Halloween it was 1996 and I lived at 877 Gohier in Ville Saint-Laurent.

But some years, I spot a halloween treat that I would not be averse to eating myself should year add unto year and ‘nary soul flash their countenance at my door. This year I was at Andalos Bakery and they were offering these cases – 20 packages of chiclets.

Scarey woo!

You know I thought to myself, “What might I do with a case of Chiclets?” I don’t spit, or chew or date girls that do. But then I remembered Halloweens and Aunt Norma. We always went (were driven) to Aunt Norma’s on Halloween when we were kids and it seems to me that Aunt Norma always had those little two-chiclet packs. How many of those did we get? How many do you dare take? No, I think Aunt Norma must have allocated the appropriate amount – how much simpler for me to give a full pack of Chiclets, no indecision as to whether I’m stingy or too generous.

And so it was, the perfect Halloween treat. This year, how appropriate that I could buy my trick-or-treat candy with money from a small (neither too-stingy or too generous) inheritance that all the nieces and nephews received from Aunt Norma. I was so wrapped up in these perfect packages of sugared chewing gum with the modern graphic re-design of the Chiclets logo on one side and the Arabic? very-scary Chiclet logo on the other side. Now I can learn to write “Mastic Flavor” in Arabic. Somehow, I think Aunt Norma would have liked that.

Here is to Halloween and my Aunt Norma.

(ps. no child penetrated Fort Knox for the 16 years I’ve called it home. If any adults want to swing by late and pick up a pack of Chiclets (mastic flavor, mmmm) they are more than welcome. The entry code for Fort Knox is _ _ _ _ Oh wait, I can’t give that here!!

Bring back

My brain is wired in such a way that I find that I can summon back places that I’ve been by preparing the same beverage, or food, that I enjoyed there.

This morning, a dark rainy one in Montreal, I’m bringing back the cottage with chocolate mint Rooibas tea wi’ a spot of milk in it, like I enjoyed with my nieces on the first day at the cottage.

Other concoctions popular with me to summon up somewhere else:

A cup of Milo brings back Jamaica, whether my in-laws house in Mandeville or the tea kettle in our simple suite at El Greco in Montego Bay.

Capsule coffee might summon up Rome on New Year’s morning or Kirchleerau and the summer I explored Swiss roots for three days. But I have to choose to go there – there’s not magic enough in a Keurig capsule to get me far.

Marmalade on a bread roll can take me to Innsbruck at 16 years old.

And many foods, many places…which is probably why my blog is titled “Ted’s Ideas on Food and more”. Because there is always more with food than meets the palate.


Impulsive runner

Newspaper ad for Tour du Mont-Royal BrébeufThis morning, sitting down in the cafeteria with my tea and bagel, an ad for the “Tour du Mont-Royal Brébeuf” caught my attention. Le 26 octobre, dans moins que 3 semaines, “la seule et unique course en sentier en pleine ville” aurait lieu. I’m the kind of person who thinks he can knock off a half-marathon (and a little bit more) just like that without spending weeks and weeks to ramp up for it.

And the truth is, after a 10 km Oasis Montreal run 5 or 6 years ago and a truly enjoyable Ottawa half-marathon run next to my wife, I had officially retired from running. Until I saw the ad for a course in my backyard that was on trails rather than pavement.

Going to New Brunswick for a wedding this holiday weekend. Guess I’ll be taking the running shoes along.