walkingOne of the best features of the winter that is now drawing to a close is that there has been a higher amount of sunlight than usual.  Today, in the last hour of sunlight, I decided I needed a walk in said sun so that I could not be accused of despising it.

Moi, j’habite dans l’arrondissement Plateau Mont-Royal.  Puis, quand je sors de la maison pour prends du soleil et un peu d’exercise d’ailleurs j’ai tout un choix des routes.  Aujourd’hui j’ai eu comme but le Parc Lafontaine, donc j’ai suivi rue Prince-Arthur jusqu’a Carré St-Denis et après avoir mangé des steamés et des rondelles d’oignon chez Lafleur j’ai monté St-Denis un peu pour atteindre le parc par le moyen de Roy.

aVapeurBy this, I don’t mean that I took the King’s highway – no, there is a pleasant neighbourhood street in the lower Plateau known as Roy (say ooWah, like the famous Canadiens goaltender, Patrick Roy).  If it was further advanced in the spring, I might have gone earlier to Parc Lafontaine with one of the books that I am reading and soaked in the sunshine and the book on a park bench.  That day will come soon  enough.

En cours de route, j’ai résolu de suivre ce route régulièrement, ça veut dire que je dois continuer  d’avoir cette marche intégré dans mon quotidienne jusqu’au date quand je peux commencer de  monter le montagne (Mont Royal) sur vélo.  À ce moment je peux interposé les jours de vélo  avec les jours de marche dans le cartier.

The walk down Prince Arthur, past St-Louis Square (home of my favourite Montreal fountain)  and on to Parc Lafontaine with return by Duluth is nothing if not quirky and interesting.  The  laundry (fond memories of when I needed one of these) on Duluth whose window I’ve pictured below makes clever usage of the Québec term which might be translated “undies” –  des bobettes.  They will pick up (cueillir) and deliver (livrer) your “bobettes” (undies) via the Bobette express.  Knowing the neighbourhood, this is more likely to be done by bicycle than by car. And the books in the window – de riguer – that is if the real-time social networking that came before wifi existed is having a slow day.  For “buanderies” like this, their numbers aren’t going to increase, but it’s a nice reminder of a world that once was, or once might have been and still finds a way of existing in the Plateau.



My thought walking toward bus station in TO (with Health App on brand new iPhone counting my footsteps – 1742, apparently):

Will I spend as much effort in integrating with the triune God as I will integrating my Mac Mini with iPhone and iPad

I chose a word of the year for 2015, the very first word sung in the très catchy Jireh tune “Real Love”…which is…sing it, women…’Pure’.

Going to need some of the ‘Pure’ to get in on the special thing that God the Father, God the Spirit and Jesus have going. But no prior creds needed. Pure is best left to in house training…how would I do pure without the 3 enabling?

Excited about the phone calls now coming up on my Mac mini screen and all, but at the same time I can aspire to Pure, and integration with the Most High, “the God with us” and the Counsellor.

Watch my footsteps, Lord, and see if there be any evil way in me.

Wash me with hyssop and I shall be whiter than snow.