Kitchener, Ontario The most complete selection of Dettweiler's products can be found at our retail store in Breslau, Ontario at 2057 Victoria St. North. In addition, Kim Dettweiler and her staff can provide you with many other locally-made meat and deli products. 519-648-2015 Hours: Tu: 11am - 5:30pm; We,Th, Fr: 9am - 5:30pm; Sat: 9am - 3pm; Su, Mo: closed www.dettweilersausage.ca
Port Rowan / Tillsonburg / Simcoe, Ontario contact Kim Dettweiler: sausage@rogers.com | toll-free: 1-855-648-2015 We service this area by delivering several times per year. Ask to be put on Kim's contact list.
Mississauga, Ontario (please contact us contact: Ted Dettweiler: info@dettweiler.ca | ph: 1-877-886-8372
St. Catharines Market: our next market dates are September 8, 2018 and then November 24, 2018 Ted Dettweiler: info@dettweiler.ca | ph: 1-877-886-8372 | TXT: (514) 952-2543 Contact us to be put on our email list which will notify you of our market dates and delivery to North St. Catharines, Virgil, Vineland, Beamsville and Grimsby.
Harvest Barn St. Catharines 1179, Fourth Ave., St. Catharines, ON L2R 6P9 | ph: (905) 641-1666 Carries our regular-smoked and our old-fashioned maple-smoked product. Also in Niagara-on-the-Lake Harvest Barn store.
Leamington, Ontario Bradt's Butcher Block, 34 Mill St. West Leamington, ON. N8H 1S8
Lois Konrad will put you on her contact list - receives shipments of our product several times during the year.
Thiessen's Orchards is once again selling Dettweiler's Smoked Sausage year round and serving up our sausage on a bun during the apple-picking season. 519-326-5282
Wheatley, Ontario Son Shine Variety, 802 Talbot Rd E Wheatley, ON | ph: (519) 825-7146 Carries our smoked pork sausage.
Toronto, Ontario  Fresh from the Farm, 350 Donlands Ave., M4J 3S1 | ph: (416) 422-3276
Cornwall, Ontario You might already be enjoying our Mennonite Smoked Sausage if you live in Cornwall, ON. If not, call Ted (514) 286-0311.
We continue to add retailers and distributors of our quality smoked sausage. If you are interested in becoming a source for our products contact info@dettweiler.ca